Muriel Shan Sei Fan (President)

Muriel’s been a fan of OCamlPro’s eversince, and decided to dedicate her time to OCamlPro’s team and development, at the side of Fabrice Le Fessant, OCamlPro’s Founder and Scientific shepherd.

Sylvain Conchon (CSO Formal Methods)

Sylvain is a professor at University Paris-Saclay, he has also been teaching OCaml in universities for about 20 years. His field of expertise is the automated deduction for program verification and model checking of parameterized systems. He is also the co-creator of Alt-Ergo, our SMT Solver dedicated to program verification, used by Airbus and qualified for the DO-178C avionic standard, of Cubicle and the very useful OCamlgraph library. Read Sylvain’s interview!

Pierre Chambart (CTO and Senior R&D Engineer)

Pierre has a Ph.D. in Computer Science, obtained in the Specification and Verification Laboratory at ENS Cachan. After his PhD, he spent 12 months as an Engineer working on the Ocsigen Web Framework at IRILL, Paris. Finally, he joined OCamlPro in August 2012.

Louis Gesbert (Senior R&D Engineer & Deputy CTO)

Louis holds a PhD from University Paris Est, and has studied at EnsIIE, University of Manchester and University of Tokyo. He has a strong background on programming languages and distribution, and was one of the architects behind the Opa language developed at MLstate. He joined OCamlPro in November 2012, and is the lead developer of OPAM. He worked on the learn-ocaml platform and contributes from time to time to the flambda team at OCamlPro.

Vincent Laviron (Senior R&D Engineer & Deputy CTO)

Vincent holds a MSc from ENS Ulm, focused on static analysis by abstract interpretation. He then spent several years working on static analysis of functional languages, before joining OCamlPro in June 2015 to work on SecurOCaml.

Pierrick Couderc (R&D Engineer)

Pierrick holds a PhD degree from ENSTA, focusing on typing the OCaml intermediate language, in order to propagate the typing information into the whole compilation toolchain. Previously, he worked on the design of a namespace mechanism for the OCaml language.

Thomas Blanc (R&D Engineer)

Thomas used to work as a PhD student between OCamlPRO and ENSTA, with a focus on whole-program static analysis. One of his first objectives is to try to use the whole-program analysis approach to detect uncaught exceptions in OCaml programs. Previously, he obtained a MSc in computer science at the ENS Cachan.

Raja Boujbel (Senior R&D Engineer)

Raja holds a PhD in software deployment and multi-agent systems from University of Toulouse. Previously, she had studied functional programming and compiler design at Université Pierre et Marie Curie, then worked on the Opa language among MLstate’s distribution team. She joined OCamlPro in March 2018 as a lead maintainer for opam, an open-source package manager for OCaml.

Steven De Oliveira (R&D Engineer)

Steven holds a PhD in formal verification from the Paris-Saclay University and the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) since 2018. After a Master in Cryptography he worked in the Frama-C team, developing open-source tools for verifying C programs. He also was involved in science popularization projects like MT180 and InfoSansOrdi.

David Declerck (R&D Engineer)

David is a new R&D engineer at OCamlPro. He obtained a PhD from Université Paris-Sud in 2018, during which he extended the Cubicle model checker to support weak memory models and wrote a compiler from a subset of the x86 assembly language to Cubicle.

Guillaume Bury (R&D Engineer)

Guillaume holds a research Master in computer science from Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, France, and has studied the integration of rewriting techniques inside SMT solvers during his PhD obtained under the direction of Gilles Dowek and David Delahaye in Deducteam at ENS Cachan. He joined OCamlPro in October 2018 and works in the Flambda team, on optimizations passes for the OCaml compiler.

Albin Coquereau (R&D Engineer)

Albin is working as a PhD student between OCamlPro, LRI and ENSTA, focusing on improving the performance of the SMT solver Alt-Ergo. He also helped adding a support for the SMT-LIB standard in Alt-Ergo allowing it to participate to the SMTCOMP 2018.

Adrien Champion (Senior R&D Engineer)

Adrien is interested in formal methods for the verification of safety properties over software and embedded systems. He worked on higher-order functional program verification at the University of Tokyo, in the Kobayashi laboratory, and worked on a predicate-inference tool for horn clauses called hoice, written in rust. Before that, he was working at the University of Iowa on the Kind 2 model checker with Christoph Sticksel and Alain Mebsout.

Laurène Gibaud (Assistant Director)

Laurène joined the team in 2019 to help out with non-tech goals. She holds a technical degree in Web & Network Science and a Master in Publishing Policies. She worked as a publisher and project manager for 5 years on IT & programming publications and has reviewed more than a thousand courses.

Mattias (R&D Engineer)

Description coming soon…

Aurore Drombry (Communication Manager)

Aurore joined the team in 2019 to contribute with non-tech goals and optimize internal communication in the organization. She holds a degree in Human Sciences and a Master in Communication techniques & Digital Marketing. Before, she worked for two years as a project manager and communication manager on digital projects.

Maxime Vilain (Product Designer)

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