Application Development

OCamlPro can develop software for you !

Demanding Software

OCamlPro developers have a strong experience of software development. They can develop demanding software in a short time, involving state of the art algorithms. For speed of development and reliability, developments are done in OCaml, and then integrated with other software in any language (C, C++, Python, Java, etc.).

OCaml Tools

OCamlPro is involved in the development of the OCaml compiler and its distribution, with several members of the core team in the staff. OCamlPro has also developed many tools for OCaml developers (ocp-indent, opam, etc.). OCamlPro can improve the OCaml compiler and other tools to better fit your development needs.

OCaml Software Integration

OCamlPro has a long experience in writing bridges between OCaml and other languages and systems. OCamlPro can help you integrate your OCaml software with any external library, framework or database.

Web Applications

OCamlPro has developed several web applications, such as Try-OCaml, using the js_of_ocaml compiler from OCaml to Javascript. Such applications are easy to extend and maintain, fully independant from web servers, portable to all mainstream browsers, and offer close to desktop user experience.