Flowtype Binaries for Windows

This site contains binary versions of Flow (Flowtype), the Javascript type-checker by Facebook, compiled on Windows by the OCamlPro team, using OCPWin. OCamlPro team is currently working with Facebook to port Flow on Windows. The goal here is to allow some beta-testers to try it on Windows before all this work is merged in the official Facebook repository.

Download latest version (0.19.1)

flow-0.19.1-windows-20151211.zip : Flow compiled on Dec 11, 2015, commit a3dad70. See Changes at the bottom of this page.


From binaries

To install, pick flow.exe in the archive. Refer to Flow documentation for use.

From sources

To compile and install Flow from sources, please refer to README.win32.

Simple Example

Create a JavaScript file and add some code with type errors. For example, test.js:

1  /* @flow */
2  function foo(x) {
3    return x * 10;
4  }
5  foo('Hello, world!');

Start flow to check test.js in two steps:

(1) initialize flow with a .flowconfig file (to be done once per project):

$> flow init

(2) Check the code in the project:

$> flow check

The Flow typechecker will output errors as follow:

5: foo('Hello, world!');
   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ function call
3:     return x * 10;
              ^ string. This type is incompatible with
3:     return x * 10;
              ^^^^^^ number

Found 1 error

Known issues

Please, post them on GitHub for now.


Q: While installing OCPWin, I got this message error:

This version of C:\xxxx is not compatible with the version of Windows that you're running. Check your computer's system information and then contact the software publisher.

What should I do ?

A: You probably installed the wrong version of OCPWin, check that you got the 32 or 64 bits version according to your system. Note that Hack and Flow currently only work on 64 bits systems.

Archives and Changes

  • flow-0.19.1-windows-20151211.zip : Flow compiled on Dec 11, 2015, commit a3dad7000a2bfbe8d60e1c6b8ce45a46a13fd0ce
    1. Update to Flow 0.19.1
    2. Fix haste mode
    3. Fix .flowconfig (PROJECT_ROOT and accept slashed paths)
  • flow-windows-20151208.zip : Flow compiled on Dec 08, 2015, commit 97f864abeb1a9866d4daf8662e9a6185046880e4
    1. Fix shared memory location on Windows 7 (see #117).
  • flow-windows-20151204.zip : Flow compiled on Dec 04, 2015, commit 8a35dba01005f96185d25206fca0f181fa0cfe8b
      Feature complete
    1. Almost all tests passed except those using haste mode.
    2. File system watching
    3. Multicore support and shared memory
  • flow-simple-windows-20141127.zip : Flow compiled on Nov 27, 2014, commit 33155d2065a021851151a8b96e7af7a8c2ab90de
    1. Tested Ok: flow server,flow start,flow status, flow stop, flow suggest file.js
    2. Fixed issue with server termination
    3. Fixed issue with file-system monitoring
    4. Fixed issues with filenames
  • flow-simple-windows-20141120.zip : Flow compiled on Nov 20, 2014, commit 33155d2065a021851151a8b96e7af7a8c2ab90de
    1. Should work without Cygwin
    2. Server mode added, most functions should now work.
    3. 32 bit version compiled using MinGW too.
    4. The library files are embedded in the executable.
  • flow-simple-windows-20141119.zip : Flow compiled on Nov 19, 2014, commit 33155d2065a021851151a8b96e7af7a8c2ab90de:
    1. First version. Works only under Cygwin, with no multicore support. Server mode does not work. No data persistency.
    2. 32 bit version compiled with MSVC, 64 bit version with MinGW.
    3. The FLOWLIB variable should be set to point to the directory containing Flow library files.


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