Jobs @ OCamlPro

OCamlPro is a French company, located in Paris, born in 2011.
Today, OCamlPro is working mostly on three topics:

OCaml tooling :

Design of development tools for OCaml (open-source most of the time). Such tools range from command-line tools (such as OPAM or ocp-build), tools with graphical interfaces (the OCaml Memory Profiler) and web-based tools (TryOCaml, the OCaml MOOC).

Formal methods :

OCamlPro is involved in collaborative projects with academia and industry to develop tools for software verification, such the Alt-Ergo SMT Solver (from LRI).

Blockchains :

OCamlPro has been involved in the design and implementation of the Tezos ledger. OCamlPro is now working on tooling for Tezos (such as and other blockchain projects.

We are looking for passionate OCaml developers, with different levels of skills and experience, from master to PhD++. Every developer at OCamlPro is usually working on both long-term projects, and shorter customer-driven projects, in many different areas of industry.

If you want to join Fabrice, Çagdas, Pierre, Louis, Mohamed, Thomas, Pierrick, Michael, Vincent, Alain, Raja and Muriel, email your resume or C.V. and a description of some of your accomplishments to:

(last update: Apr 14, 2018)