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We have years of experience on the research and development of programming languages, formal methods techniques and tools as well as their application in industrial settings. Let’s achieve bold projects together!

For industrial partners who face challenges

For R&D labs who need collaboration

For developers to reach mastery

Prototyping software solutions for you

We design and implement reliable high-value solutions for our clients. As a challenge-driven team, we can find with you the most elegant and efficient solutions to optimize your products or create new ones.

Our achievements

OCamlPro has a record of outstanding technological achievements and success stories, in areas from web tools to distributed frameworks, DSLs and formal methods. We also built a strong blockchain expertise since 2014 on the Tezos and Dune Network blockchains. Developments are done in OCaml or Rust, and then integrated with other software in any language (C, C++, Python, Java, etc.). Our applications are extensible and maintainable, fully independent from web servers, portable to all mainstream browsers.

We cater to very specific needs. For example, we can translate a “black box” application from a programming language (Go, Coq, Cobol…) to a comprehensive language for your current team. Whether an ex-employee or a contractor coded everything in a language your current team hasn’t mastered, or it’s running on a legacy language, we can provide assistance. Get in touch!

Other achievements in Formal Methods and DSLs/Programming Language Expertise

  • Alt-Ergo, SMT-Solver for Software Verification
  • Techelson, a test execution engine for Michelson
  • Liquidity, a smart-contract language for the Tezos blockchain
  • LOVE, a smart-contract language for the Dune Network blockchain
  • A Solidity Parser in OCaml with Menhir
  • OPTAL, Language for Linear Optimization

Project with Mitsubishi Electric R&D Centre Europe (MERCE) in Rennes, France

Starting from a specification provided by MERCE, we designed and implemented a formal verification analysis tool to check a particular class of safety properties over C programs. The tool was implemented as a Frama-C plug-in and came with fully fledged user and formal documentation.

“MERCE was very satisfied of OCamlPro. The project was technically challenging and time constrained, nonetheless OCamlPro met the requirements in time while producing a code of excellent quality.”

David Mentré, MERCE

You’re in good company

Sharing our expertise with you: Consulting & Trainings

Our developments are harnessing our expertise on formal methods and the most advanced features of OCaml & Rust. We will help you design robust architectures, choose open-source components, optimize your code and solve performance, memory or compiler issues.

We also support companies that need to get up to speed, with on-demand and customized training designed by our experts.

Open Source tooling to armour industrial developers

OCamlPro promotes the use of the OCaml functional programming language in the industry, as a token of development productivity and software quality. We develop and maintain open source tooling for OCaml, such as Opam, TryOCaml, ocp-indent, ocp-index, and ocp-browser. We contribute to the core-development of OCaml, notably with our work on the Flambda optimizer branch. We provided a set of tools to foster OCaml adoption, under the legacy TypeRex codename. From the very beginning, we aimed both simplicity of access and perenity.

Trainings to get up to speed

We organize several training sessions a year at our office or online. The trainees are in a group of 10 attendees at most to foster personalized feedback and specific questions. Our experience of building the OCaml’s MOOC exercise platform for the FUN platform also allows us to provide remote trainings. More information.

Highly-skilled people to teamwork with you

OCamlPro was created in April 2011 by former Inria researchers with the mission to help industrial users adopt the OCaml language. Today, we develop software solutions in any domain requiring knowledge in state-of-the-art programming languages features and formal methods.

We maintain strong ties and collaborations with public research labs, such as IRILL & LRI in Paris-Saclay (Inria, CNRS, Sorbonne Université) and OCamlLabs in Cambridge. As part of the OCaml and Rust ecosystems, we build and maintain long-lasting relationships with public research labs and industrial partners.

OCamlPro was a member of the Caml Consortium, and is now a sponsor of the OCaml Software Foundation.

Meet our team of PhD engineers

OCamlPro was created in April 2011 by former Inria researchers with the mission to help industrial users adopt the OCaml language. Today, we develop software solutions in any domain requiring knowledge in state-of-the-art programming languages features and formal methods. If you want to know more about us and if you want to join us (job offers, spontaneous application, internships), visit our Team page!


If you want to deep dive into OCamlPro’s history, you can check our Timeline!

  • 2011
    OCamlPro is founded by Inria researchers
  • 2012
    Working on a development toolsuite: the Typerex initiative
  • 2013
    Release of the package manager OPAM 1.0
  • 2014
    Release of the Flambda optimizing compiler in OCaml
  • 2015
    OCamlPro develops the Irill/Paris 7 OCaml FUN Mooc
  • 2016
    The Alt-Ergo SMT Solver v1.30 is released
  • 2017
    OCamlPro delivers Tezos and its crowdfunding platform, complete with the TZscan and Liquidity tools
  • 2018
    Inria’s OCaml Software Foundation is created
  • 2019
    New company Origin Labs is created to tackle blockchain-related challenges
  • 2020
    Alt-Ergo Users’ Club 2nd annual meeting

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