Une première version de notre explorateur de blocs TzScan

OCamlPro is proud to release a first version of TzScan (http://tzscan.io), its Tezos
block explorer to ease the use of the Tezos network.

What TzScan can do for you :

  • Several charts on blocks, operations, network, volumes, fees, and more,
  • Marketcap and Futures/IOU prices from coinmarket.com,
  • Blocks, operations, accounts and contracts detail pages,
  • Public API to get information about blocks, operations, accounts and more,
  • Documentation on different concepts of Tezos like Endorsements, Nonces, etc.

What we tried to do with TzScan is to show differently the Tezos network to have a better understanding of what is really going on by showing the main points of Proof of Stake. Further enhancements and optimization are to come but enjoy and play with our explorer.

If you have suggestions or bugs, please send us reports at contact@tzscan.io !

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