Course OCaml Expert


This training has been designed by the OCamlPro team to enable developers to use more advanced features of OCaml powerful type-system, benefit from all the open-source tools and libraries, and to write compact and efficient code.


  1. Understand advanced features of the type-system
  2. Interface OCaml with its environment
  3. Understand the OCaml garbage collector
  4. Write efficient code in OCaml


  1. OCaml type system insights:
    * polymorphic variants
    * first-class modules
    * GADTs
    * Objects and classes
  2. Taming the OCaml’s Garbage Collector (dealing with memory leaks)
  3. Expert preprocessing
    * Ppx rewriters
  4. OCaml community toolage
    * OPAM
    * Build tools: dune, ocamlfind, ocamlbuild, etc.
  5. A tour of OCaml community contributions
  6. OCaml and web programming
    * Writing web servers in OCaml
    * OCaml to Javascript

Course Prerequisites

The course assumes basic knowledge of the OCaml language and its programming environment.

Participants are expected to have a computer access during the course (Linux, Mac OS X or Windows), an easy-to-install OCaml archive will be provided before the course to setup a minimal but productive environment.


The course is half theory, half practice. Participants will have to write and adapt simple applications in OCaml, to build and test them.
Participants can interact with the teachers about the problems they encounter with OCaml.


This training is normally tailored as a 5 days training (10 participants at most, on site).

Content can be customized to better fit your needs and depending on the duration. Contact us!