Clients & Partners

Clients Testimonials

Project with MERCE (Mitsubishi Electric R&D Centre Europe) in Rennes, France (June 2019)

Starting from a specification provided by MERCE, we designed and implemented a formal verification analysis tool to check a particular class of safety properties over C programs. The tool was implemented as a Frama-C plug-in and came with fully fledged user and formal documentation.

Client Feedback:
“MERCE was very satisfied of OCamlPro. The project was technically demanding and time constrained, nonetheless OCamlPro met the requirements in time while producing a code of excellent quality.”

OCaml Industrial Users and Clients

OCaml industrial users include major software companies such as Microsoft or Citrix, financial companies such Jane Street Capital or SimCorp and critical software companies such as CEA or Dassault System.

Many of them have trusted us: JaneStreet, Bloomberg, CEA List, Siemens, Samsung Electronics, Mitsubishi MERCE, Tezos/DLS, LexiFi, Citrix, Facebook, etc.

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