opam 2.0.9 release

Feedback on this post is welcomed on Discuss! We are pleased to announce the minor release of opam 2.0.9. This new version contains some back-ported fixes. New features Back-ported ability to load upgraded roots read-only; allows applications compiled with opam-state 2.0.9 to load a root which has been upgraded to opam 2.1 [#4636] macOS sandbox opam 2.0.9 release

Tutorial: Format Module of OCaml

The Format module of OCaml is an extremely powerful but unfortunately often poorly used module. It combines two distinct elements: pretty-print boxes semantic tags This tutorial aims to demystify much of this module and explain the range of things that you can do with it. Read more (in French)

Alt-Ergo Users’ Club Annual Meeting (2021)

The third annual meeting of the Alt-Ergo Users’ Club took place on April 1! Our annual meeting is the ideal place to review the needs of each partner regarding Alt-Ergo. We were pleased to welcome our partners to discuss the roadmap for future Alt-Ergo developments and improvements. Alt-Ergo is an automatic prover of mathematical formulas, Alt-Ergo Users’ Club Annual Meeting (2021)

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2020 at OCamlPro

OCamlPro was created in 2011 to advocate the adoption of the OCaml language and formal methods in general in the industry. While building a team of highly-skilled engineers, we navigated through our expertise domains, delivering works on the OCaml language and tooling, training companies to the use of strongly-typed languages like OCaml but also Rust, 2020 at OCamlPro

2019 at OCamlPro

OCamlPro was created to help OCaml and formal methods spread into the industry. We grew from 1 to 21 engineers, still strongly sharing this ambitious goal! The year 2019 at OCamlPro was very lively, with fantastic accomplishments all along! Let’s quickly review the past years’ works, first in the world of OCaml (flambda2 & compiler optimisations, 2019 at OCamlPro

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OCaml expert and beginner training by OCamlPro (in French): Nov. 5-6 & 7-8

In our endeavour to encourage professional programmers to understand and use OCaml, OCamlPro will be giving two training sessions, in French, in our Paris offices: OCaml Beginner course for professional programmers (5-6 Nov) OCaml Expertise (7-8 Nov). The “Expert” OCaml course is for already experienced OCaml programmers to better understand advanced type system possibilities (objects, OCaml expert and beginner training by OCamlPro (in French): Nov. 5-6 & 7-8