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New Try-Alt-Ergo

Have you heard about our Try-Alt-Ergo website? Created in 2014 (see our blogpost), the first objective was to facilitate access to our performant SMT Solver Alt-Ergo. Try-Alt-Ergo allows you to write and run your problems in your browser without any server computation. This playground website has been maintained by OCamlPro for many years, and it’s New Try-Alt-Ergo

Release of Alt-Ergo 2.4.0

A new release of Alt-Ergo (version 2.4.0) is available. You can get it from Alt-Ergo’s website. The associated opam package will be published in the next few days. This release contains some major novelties: Alt-Ergo supports incremental commands (push/pop) from the smt-lib standard. We switched command line parsing to use cmdliner. You will need to Release of Alt-Ergo 2.4.0

Alt-Ergo Users’ Club Annual Meeting

The second annual meeting of the Alt-Ergo Users’ Club was held in mid-February. Our annual meeting is the perfect place to review each partner’s needs regarding Alt-Ergo. This year, we had the pleasure of receiving our partners to discuss the roadmap for future Alt-Ergo developments and enhancements. Alt-Ergo is an automatic mathematical formula checker, jointly Alt-Ergo Users’ Club Annual Meeting


The Alt-Ergo SMT Solver’s results in the SMT-COMP 2019

The results of the SMT-COMP 2019 were released a few days ago at the SMT whorkshop during the 22nd SAT conference. We were glad to participate in this competition for the second year in a row, especially as Alt-Ergo now supports the SMT-LIB 2 standard. Alt-Ergo is an open-source SAT-solver maintained and distributed by OCamlPro The Alt-Ergo SMT Solver’s results in the SMT-COMP 2019

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