The Opam 2.0 cheatsheet, with a new theme!

Earlier, we dusted-off our Language and Stdlib cheatsheets, for teachers and students. With more time, we managed to design an Opam 2.0 cheat-sheet we are proud of. It is organized into two pages:

  • The everyday average Opam use:
    • Installation, Configuration, Switches, Allowed URL formats, Packages, Exploring, Package pinning, Working with local pins, Sharing a dev setup, Configuring remotes.
  • Peculiar advanced use cases (opam-managed project, publishing, repository maintenance, etc.):
    • Package definition files, Some optional fields, Expressions, External dependencies, Publishing, Repository administration.

Moreover, with the help of listings, we tried the use of colors for better readability. And we left some blank space for your own peculiar commands. Two versions are available (PDF):

In any case do not hesitate to send us your suggestions on github:

  • Louis and Raja, the lead Opam developers, designed this cheatsheet so as to shed light on some important features (some I even discovered even though I speak daily with them!). If a command you find useful is not mentioned, let us know and we’ll add it. Feel free to ask for clarification and/or expansion of the manual!

Happy hacking!

Note: If you come to one of our training sessions, you’ll get a free cheatsheet! Isn’t that a bargain?

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