OCaml expert and beginner training by OCamlPro (in French): Nov. 5-6 & 7-8

In our endeavour to encourage professional programmers to understand and use OCaml, OCamlPro will be giving two training sessions, in French, in our Paris offices:

  1. OCaml Beginner course for professional programmers (5-6 Nov)
  2. OCaml Expertise (7-8 Nov).

The “Expert” OCaml course is for already experienced OCaml programmers to better understand advanced type system possibilities (objects, GADTs), discover GC internals, write “compiler-optimizable” code.

These sessions are also an opportunity to come discuss with OCamlPro’s OPAM & Flambda lead developers and core contributors in Paris.

Training in English can also be organized, on-demand.

Register link: http://ocamlpro.com/forms/preinscriptions-formation-ocaml/

This complements the excellent OCaml MOOC from Université Paris-Diderot and the learn-OCaml platform of the OCaml Software Foundation.

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