Updated Cheat Sheets: OCaml Language and OCaml Standard Library

In 2011, we shared several cheat sheets for OCaml. Cheat sheets are helpful to refer to, as an overview of the documentation when you are programming, especially when you’re starting in a new language. They are meant to be printed and pinned on your wall, or to be kept in handy on a spare screen. We hope they will help you out when your rubber duck is rubbish at debugging your code!

Since we first shared them, OCaml and its related tools have evolved. We decided to refresh them and started with the two most-used cheat sheets—our own contribution to the start of the school year!

Download the revised version:

OCaml Language (lang) (PDF)
OCaml Standard Library (stdlib) (PDF)

You can also find the sources on GitHub. We welcome contributions, feel free to send patches if you see room for improvement! We’re working on other cheat sheets: keep an eye on our blog to see updates and brand new cheat sheets.

While we were updating them, we realized how much OCaml had evolved in the last eight years. We’ll tell you everything about our trip down memory lane very soon in another blogpost!

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