TypeRex is a development studio for OCaml, developped by OCamlPro. It enables OCaml developers to be more efficient and to produce code with higher quality. TypeRex is an open-source software, freely available on github!.

Summary of TypeRex features

  • Improved syntax coloring

  • Auto-completion of identifiers

  • Browsing of identifiers: show type and comment, go to definition, cycle between alternate definitions, and “semantic grep”

  • Strictly semantic-preserving, local and whole-program refactoring:

    • Renaming Identifiers and compilation unit

    • open elimination and reference simplification

  • Robustness w.r.t not-recompiled, possibly unsaved buffers

All the features of the Tuareg mode are also included, even though TypeRex provides an equivalent of some of them.

Technical Support

Support and maintenance of TypeRex are available through dedicated OCamlPro Technical support services.