Type-driven Programming

One the greatest strength of OCaml is its powerful static type system. Because of it, you can trust your programs without loosing efficiency. Indeed, The OCaml compiler is able to automatically detect a large class of bugs, and it will ask the developer to fix the problems before producing a usable software. Moreover, as the compiler has performed a lot of analysis at compile-time, the language runtime can avoid doing some costly checks when the program runs. Thus OCaml programs are highly optimized: they can even be faster than equivalent C programs while being much safer!

Industrial Users

OCaml industrial users include major software companies such as Microsoft or Citrix, financial companies such Jane Street Capital or SimCorp and critical software companies such as CEA or Dassault System.

Industrial users of OCaml have produced reports explaining their use of OCaml. These ressources can be useful for companies which are evaluating OCaml to use in their production environment.

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