Technical Support

OCamlPro offer long-term support contrats on OCaml open-source components.

OCaml Support

We can provide support on the OCaml distribution. This support includes timely fixing critical bugs and releasing new updated sources and binaries. For less critical bugs, we can provide temporary work-arounds, and help the OCaml core team of developers fix the bug in the official distribution.

As a member of the Caml Consortium, OCamlPro can maintain and distribute its own modified version of OCaml, with long term support, tuned for the specific needs of a customer.

Long-term Support on open-source Components

We can also provide long-term support on any OCaml component, used in your application.

We propose two kinds of support:

  • Customer Support: it includes fixing critical bugs for the customer, and providing source and binary releases of the component to the customer.

  • Community-wide Support: upgraded source and binary releases are public.

Such long-term support contracts usually start by a period of a few weeks, depending on the complexity of the code, where the component is studied and documented by our team. Support begins after this period.