If you plan to use OCaml, or if you are already using it, OCamlPro can help you by providing advice to your developers from experts in the use of OCaml.

First contact

At the beginning of your project, you can discuss with our team of experts to make the best choices, for the architecture of your OCaml project, for the open-source components that you are going to use, and for the developers that you are going to hire.

Project Audit

At any stage of an OCaml project, you can query our team of experts for an external audit of your project. Our team can use this opportunity to teach your developers guidelines and good practices when writing OCaml code, and to improve the readability and maintainability of the code, while optimizing its performance.


For your project, you won't need to master every aspect of the OCaml language, but usually, a few features will be critical in your particular software application. Our team can design new courses on the fly, to teach your developers the aspects of OCaml that really matter in your case.


If your project does not meet the performance you were expecting, our team of experts can help your developers find the best tools to profile their code, and teach them how OCaml code can easily be optimized performance-wise to achieve close to C timings.


Optionnally, you can engage us for a long-term support contract on all the open-source components that your software is using.

For more information on our consulting services, please email us at