OCamlPro was created in April 2011 by former members of the French INRIA Institute. OCamlPro initial goal was to boost the development of OCaml and to promote it as the language of choice for software development in the Industry. OCamlPro is an official member of the Caml Consortium, and includes several members of the OCaml core development team. OCamlPro also develops tools in OCaml to improve the code quality of programs written in other languages such as C and Scilab.

OCamlPro's high-level experts develop software solutions in any domain requiring their knowledge in complex algorithms and formal methods.

OCamlPro does a lot of research and development (R&D), and maintains strong ties and collaborations with public research labs, such as IRILL in Paris and OCamlLabs in Cambridge. As a member of the Systematic cluster in Ile-de-France, OCamlPro is involved in several collaborative R&D projects: