December 2012: Post-doc/Software Engineer on LLVM-JIT for Scilab

We are currently involved in the "Richelieu" project, a collaborative R&D project to develop an LLVM-based optimizing JIT compiler for the Scilab software, an open-source Matlab equivalent, in association with INRIA, Scilab Enterprise and Univ Paris 6 (Lip6).

As part of this project, the French government is funding a two-year R&D position at OCamlPro. For this position, we are looking for an OCaml expert, with background in typing, software analysis and/or compilation. The engineer will have to work in close collaboration with other teams involved in the project, especially at INRIA, but also in Scilab Enterprise and LIP6 (VMKit team).

Although this particular offer focuses on the Richelieu project, the engineer will have the opportunity on the long term to work on other projects in which OCamlPro is involved: improving the OCaml compiler, developing new development tools for OCaml and helping OCamlPro customers in their daily use of OCaml.

Please email your resume or C.V. and a description of some of your best accomplishments to:

OCaml Software Engineers

We are always looking for excellent software engineers, with good expertise in OCaml. We especially seek for candidates with:

  • strong problem solving skills, ie. the ability to find clean and elegant solutions to complex engineering problems;

  • very strong experience of developing applications in OCaml (at least 3 years);

  • good understanding and knowledge of the OCaml compilers and runtimes' internals;

  • experience in extending, contributing and maintaining open-source libraries and tools;

  • the determination to work with our customers to understand and analyze their needs, and deliver great products to fulfill them.

If you are interested by such a position, please email us your C.V. with a description of some of your best accomplishments.