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Our Blockchain Tools

TzScan, the Tezos Block Explorer

TzScan is the best block explorer for Tezos. TzScan provides a free API to access all the content of the Tezos blockchain. It is also available in open source for private deployments. Contact us for support, advanced features and advertisement, or if you need a private deployment of the TzScan infrastructure.

Liquidity, our Smart Contract lLnguage

Liquidity is a high-level language for Tezos over Michelson. See our online editor to get started ! Contact us if you need support, training or in-depth analysis of your smart contracts.

Techelson, a Testing Framework for Contracts

Techelson is a test execution engine for the functional properties of Michelson smart contracts. Contact us to customize the engine to suit your own needs!

IronTez, our Optimized Tezos Node

IronTez is a tailored Tezos node for private deployment which improves storage, allows an easy configuration of the private network and provides additional Michelson instructions (GET_STORAGE, CATCH...). Contact us for more information!

Our Blockchain Services

Custom adaptation of our tools for your specific needs: TzScan, Liquidity, IronTez, Techelson
Development of Smart Contracts fitted to your needs
In-depth and Comprehensive Analysis of Smart Contracts
Training Liquidity or Tezos sessions for your team
Prototyping and development of blockchain-related solutions
Development of Full end-to-end Blockchain Applications
Development of new Protocol Amendments for Tezos
Deployments of private Tezos networks
Tailored Services for Tezos : Node hosting, Premium TZScan APIs

Our Team

A France-based company with a solid team of PhD-level engineers, OCamlPro has been involved in the development of Tezos as early as 2014. We built the very prototype of Tezos and developed the fundraising platform on Ethereum and Bitcoin, that the Tezos Foundation used to raise $235M.

Since then, we have been busy:

  • We created Liquidity, a high-level typed smart-contract language for Tezos that strictly complies with Michelson security restrictions. A formal verification framework is now under development. Liquidity is fully funded by OCamlPro.
  • We launched our block explorer for Tezos, TzScan. It aims to provide a stellar service to Tezos users, bakers and development team. TzScan provides many features specific to Tezos delegated proof-of-stake protocol and TzScan API allows wallets or delegation services to provide additional information to their users. TzScan is today solely funded by OCamlPro.

Even before the emergence of blockchains, our engineers were important contributors of open source peer-to-peer infrastructure projects, such as MLdonkey (multi-protocol P2P file sharing client), OCsigen (web server running on OCaml) or Peerple (P2P social network).

Learn more about OCamlPro on our website.


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